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Monday, September 26, 2005

Marijka and Family come to visit Julia she gets a lot of visitors and seems to enjoy all the attention after everyone has seen her she needs some rest Marijka was watching over us with her small niece.
Julia just wants to sleep but Marijke has different ideas they were having fun but now Julia is to tired

Thursday, September 22, 2005

One of her favorite toys she is punching it to hear the music
18 September 2005
We can not believe how much Julia has grown
in just for weeks she is starting to try and crawl
its so funny she's trying hard.
This is Julia after she is full of milk..She just wants to sleep now.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Julia in de tummy tub. De ene keer vindt ze het leuk en soms wil ze liever in het andere badje. Ze kijkt steeds naar mama. Mama houdt je goed vast hoor lieverd.
Julia moet even goed kijken wie dit is. Dit is Yvonne ook een collega van mama (ja mama heeft een heleboel collega's met wie ze werkt).

Yvonne met Julia
De meeste collega's van mama zijn nu wel op visite geweest. Irma wil Julia ook nog even bewonderen en Julia observeert Irma ook goed.

Irma and Julia.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is Auntie Rhonda who has also come from Scotland she is also so glad to see Julia and she's having fun with her.Tante Rhonda uit Schotland. Ze is verkocht....
This is Julia's Uncle Mark who's came over from Scotland to see Julia he is so happy to see her and is also very proud Julia liked her Uncle Mark.. Oom Mark papa's broer. Wat is hij trots op zijn kleine nichtje.

Still searing for milk....LOL

Friday, September 09, 2005

She's having a good look around
Now its bath time.
"But she's not quiet ready for swimming lessons yet" LOL
She knows its nappy changing time and is she bothered not one bit..
.....aah aahhahaha
Time for MILK JULIA!.
Julia in bed listening to another of her many many musical toys but this is her favorite as it has 10 different sound effects
Dit is tante Ellen, een lieve vriendin van papa en mama. Ze heeft net als iedereen heel veel met ons meegeleefd. Je kan zien dat ze ontzettend blij is.

Julia is sunbathing in shadows ..LOL
O so sweet. Carla said she has no problems some time to come babysitting. Carla is also friend from mum from work.
Oma Tiny. Nog niet zolang is ze ook de trotse oma van een kleinzoon Tycho. Misschien ontmoeten Tycho en Julia elkaar nog eens. Tiny is also a friend from work. She became grandmum of a nice baby boy called Tycho.
Berna ook een collega van mama. Zo klein is lang geleden.
Berna is also a friend of mum from her work.
Patricia is een heel lieve collega. Ze had zelf iets gemaakt voor Julia van heel zacht wit stof. Het duurde even voor wij een goede foto konden maken want iedere keer zat haar lange haar in de weg en zag je niets meer. Maar het is nu wel gelukt. Patricia is a very nice collegue of mum Jaenet.
De moeder van Manique ze is dol op babies
A proud neighbour Manique.
Een lieve trotse buurvrouw.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bunny the rabit

Monday, September 05, 2005

Well thats Julia parked so we go lie on the beach. LOL
This is great as we can put Julia in here for a while after she gets her milk as she likes to look around more now. For half an hour after feeding time she loves this musical toy specially at night when all the stars and stuff on it shine on to the roof then we can take her upstairs to sleep for 3 hours

Another great card. Een Meisje

Friday, September 02, 2005

JULIA say "KAAS" for the camera...LOL

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This is Mayra with Julia. You can see she is doing well with children.
This is again a photo from Aunt Natascha on the first day Julia was born. Everyone was very careful with Julia in the beginning.She was so little and tiny.

Dit is nog een foto van tante Natasche op de eerste dag dat Julia was geboren. In het begin was iedereen heel voorzichtig met Julia. Zo'n teer poppetje nog.
Tante Marieke (collega van mama) is na haar vakantie ook gelijk op vistite gekomen om Julia te bekijken. Het is een heel romantisch plaatje geworden.

Aunt Marieke (Julia has a already a lot of new uncles and aunts), a colleague of mum was on visit directly after her holiday to see Julia. This is a nice photo.
Bath time she loves when i splash water on her but not on the face jaenet washes and i make the fun. :-)

Doorgaans doet mama haar altijd in bad, zie hoe goed ik haar vasthoud, papa hoeft alleen maar een beetje met haar te spelen. Ze vindt het lekker in bad, als het maar wel op goede temperatuur is, lekker warm dus.

This was a strange day as there was no visitors for Julia for
the first since she was born 2 weeks ago now it was
also nice because now we could do some cleaining in the house
and also some administration work.

We are still getting cards every day and email
we sent 160 announcement cards but that was not enough.
Julia sleeps well outside in the pram while we can
also relax we can not believe how fast the last two weeks
has been since she was born time go's fast.

We went to the beach two times already with Julia
and made nice photos with our friend Ellen and she adored
Julia. Ellen had just come home from her holliday's
but we can not relax to much only for one day
as we have more family coming from
Germany this weekend who
who want to see her.

Then we have family coming from
Scotland next week so its going to be
exciton for us all but its great and Julia is
our little angel she is so quite and she
smiles a lot she is a happy baby and if she
is happy so are we she has
a big fan club..LOL

And one last point we would like
to thank all our visitors its been great
fun and we love you all too many
people to mention but
now we have 24 hours to
relax till the weekend when the rest
of our guests will come then
next week all over again.
(running around frantically.. LOL)