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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hey ..put my hood up
its raining and im getting
wet and iv already had a bath today
This bread stuff is not bad
its better than that milky stuff
you's keep giving me.
This is just so much fun
and thats what i like ....
Get a photo on top of this
cushion so i look bigger.
Yee Haa its bath time
time to get water everywere

Julia houdt van klauteren en klimmen op de bank en spelen met de kussens.
I can see you taking
my picture again mama.
OK then take a picture but make
sure that you can see my cool jeans
and then i will roll around with my
frog and do some posing.

Im going home to rest more
She's taking it nice and easy
...doing what she likes best

Hey mama and papa.... make
sure you get that sandcastle in
so every one thinks i'm so sleepy
after making it ..i am any way..
This is Julia enjoying some sun
at the beach in Zandvoort at 8/9