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Friday, September 15, 2006

He papa, het is 1-0 voor Celtic!!!
This is my two first teeth
and iv got some more coming
so i like to bite every one..LoL
I'm sleepy and I'm hungry
so i will do both sleep and eat.
Watch my biscuit papa i don't
want that bird eating it like last time..
Vriend van ome Gijs die ook uit Duitsland is meegekomen. Van beroep is hij politieagent, dus Julia is veilig.
Julia is net uit bedje en ziet ineens allemaal visite in de kamer. Ome Gijs uit Duitsland was ook op bezoek (hier met Julia). Er waren DTM races in Zandvoort en die wilde hij graag zien en tegelijk weer zijn nichtje bewonderen.
I can see you now this
is how i exercise...

Help I'm slipping...this is funny.
Cool as Ice ...thats me...
Hey Papa...
there is a bird eating your
cappuccino biscuit while we
were out side... hahaha.
She will not stay still for one
moment she is always on the move.

Wait there im not ready for another

I want to go to this side for a look.

Who is that on our beach!!..

Its ok they took a look at me and
they got the Hint!...... my beach..;-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Julia is happy to see
Uncle Marc again because
he has come from Scotland
with with Aunt Rhonda.
Julia is now one year old
18 Augest and she has lots
of gests also some family
come from scotland she's
been very busy today.

Whats next!!..