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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I gave Julia some flowers
to play with. I think she
thought it was salad as she
eats salad most nights with
mama and papa and she
enjoys it

can i eat this it looks nice.....

i much prefer cookies
these taste better than
flowers ...hope there is
more of these..
Julia is enjoying the veiw
before she go's home for
a nap.

This was Julia's first time on the
sand although i take her to the beach
every day this was the first time that
i let her play on the sand as i know she
would try to eat it as she does with
every thing so i had to be careful and
sure enough she tried to put it in her
mouth but she is a quick learner.

She had lots of fun here she just
wanted to get covered in sand and
roll around in it she will be
wanting to go for a swim i don't
mind though as long as its a hot
day not like today as its not the
best day for swimming....LoL ;-)

Here papa here is some
sand for you iv got plenty
more for you.

It does not taste so good
I'm not eating this again.

Papa can we go closer
to the water i want to
get wet and have fun in
the water