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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hebben jullie het laatste nieuws al gehoord?

Julia heeft ontzettend veel pret. Ze heeft al veel fantasie.
Zien jullie dat ik aan het bellen ben?
Nu wil Julia eerst wat drinken. Nog even geen tijd om te bellen hoor.
Julia heeft nu haar eigen telefoon. Die heeft ze zojuist gekregen van haar nichtjes Marijke en Lianne. Gelukkig zijn al haar gesprekjes gratis!
Want ze kwebbelt heel wat af door de telefoon.

I take her to the beach as i get there she has falling a sleep its was so windy and the water was wild but she is still sleeping...

Then when i get away from the beach she awakens ...nice timing julia...LoL..
Julia heeft er plezier in om te lopen achter haar auto. Nog even en ze loopt het hele huis door. Nu moeten mama en papa haar nog een handje helpen.

What Fun!!!!
Smile and let me see
all your teeth.....
Having a good time
playing around the
house ..leaving a trail
of destruction behind
her... ;-)

Now she is realy tring
to use her legs more and
standing up alone more
and more each day.

Every day she gets so
much stronger and
getting more atventures
trying more thinges.

Its such a hot day today
although its still realy early
but Julis is playing in the sand
again just so glad its dry

She has now just come home from
the beach and all she wants to do is
go to her bed for a few hours sleep.

Monday, December 18, 2006

This was the first time
that she had some bread
and bye the look of things
she likes it specially with
peanut butter.
Julia is so cute with Yellow on
she suits it well and she also likes
this colour

Julia is playing
she is bouncing on the cushions

Its bath time she totally
loves getting a bath because
every time she splashes all
over the place with all the water.