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Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is Julia and Dylan
playing with toy phones
Julia loves all phones we

can not put our mobile phone
down anywhere or she will try
to use she called my family
abroad in the morning the
other day at 7.00 in the
morning i did not know till
i got a call 5 mins latter
and they let me hear her
on the answer machine it was
so funny.

Yee Haa "Here we go
lets do the bouncy... ;-)

Yes you guessed it she is cooking
again worries it a toy cooker..LoL

She was not so sure about this
pirate but then she started to
have fun and she did not mind it.

Standing in the pram
and eating biscuts.

Can you read this Sesamstraat
Book to me you know i like books.
Having a think to her self
while watching the sea.
What a cold day at the beach this
was its totally freezing and we
got sand stuck in the sand.
She is having some fun with papa's
hat here she will put on this hat but not
her own.

This was Julia standing up for
the first time along without any
help she was tring this for a few
days she has strong legs now and
is very active.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Julia at the beach again she
go's here everyday she enjoys
it a lot then she comes inside for
a drink and a cookie.

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