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Helping Your Child Succeed In School

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baby Safety Tips.

Here is anothe very good book that i have read
and is really informative for family's with children.

You will learn lots of usefull stuff if your have kids

Like how to keep them safe

What you will need

How to make sure your child is safe even when they are with
someone else. You really need to read this chapter as most
accidents happen when your child is in the care of other people.

How to properly install baby furniture, baby safety latches and baby
gates. Doing a shoddy job with these things could be deadly.

Helpful Hints And Much Much More!

I would highly recommend you read this as there is lot
of thines i would have not have thought of and im sure
it will be the same. You will be surprisesd.

Here is the link to get the book after you pay you can
download it in seconds.


We started of with a coffee today as
the wind was just to strong infact we
had a few coffee's we'll i did julia was
just runing around inside the beach cafe.

Then we went out it was un-real the
tables had 2 inches of sand of them
luckely we drank inside or we would
had dig them out the sand...LoL.
Julia is tring to catch sand in her
mouth and eat at the same time ;-)

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Helping Your Child Succeed In School.

This is a great book i have read it and its worth
a read and easy as its pdf format so just download
and print this will open your eyes and it explains
thinges very well that you will want to know
about your kid going to school.

This book is about what you can do in your own home,
right now, that will help your children go to school
wanting to learn. It includes:

The qualities and skills that youngsters need to geta
good start in kindergarten;

Tells what to expect from pre-schoolers each year from
birth to age 5;

Explains how to encourage enthusiasm toward schooland
teachers and make it easier for children to adjustto kindergarten.

Information on what we know about success in school;

Activities for children from ages Newborn to 11 years old,
to help them acquire the skills to succeed;

Questions and answers about when to talk to the teacher
and how to handle parent-teacher conferences.

so if your intrested in reading the book here is the link