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Friday, May 11, 2007

Chasing the birds from

our coffee and cream...;-)

Out for the Count..


Playing around at the
beach on a windy day.

Playing at the beach

Happy Days

This is in her favorite coffee
were she go's every day to
see her friendly dog and give
some biscuits.

Out and about the town
checking out the gnomes

As you can see Julia is
very confident now
walking on her own
although we still always
worry when she's walking
outside. On the beach its
always OK.

Lying in the sun

Julia counts her money

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes Julia this is a dog
she says ..woof..woof
any time she See's a dog

Look at the birds they are
eating my bread I'm going
to catch it.

Thinking about dipping
her biscuit in the cappuccino
i like that cream.

Nice beach chair this.
I want to take this home
for my bed room.. can
i move this papa?...LoL

Here she is collecting sea shells
and dead crabs...

lets walk the pole

i need my sun glasses
i cant see a thing.

Julia with one of her dutch friends
playing around.

Here she is with her polish

friends ...well half polish and
half dutch so she will talking
polish soon also. ;-)

Playing around with
all the toys.

Hey look I'm bigger than this
now ...

Right ...come-on papa
no more coffee lets go
now i want to get some
more sun.

Lets go for a long walk.

Stop... i want to look
at the pavement its

ooh you surprised me there
I'm doing the walk.

Julia with her sun glasses on

Standing waiting for her picture

to be taken.

Another pose for a picture...

Look at me Julia

Sun is in my eye's now
i need a seat

Yes she loves cats and is
always following them or
chasing them.