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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Think was the pink flamingos at the water hole
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Here Julia see the monkeys for the first time
think she was a bit surprised but she loved it.

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More animals and uncle mark and Julia

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Julia with Uncle Mark and Papa at Amsterdam
This was a lot of fun.

This was when we went to the zoo in Amsterdam julia loved this she had a lot
of fun and loved all the animals specially the monkeys as that was her favorites
there was many photos from here maybe i post more later. another great day

This was milk at our 1st wedding anniversary meal

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This wa some sort of huge sweety thing that julia plays with on the beach
table instead of eating it, but thats ok ......

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palying with micky mouse thing on beach

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Julia asked to take a photo, she knows now
and is very clever.

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This bag of crisps is almost as big as Julia lol

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Julia and uncle mark racing on julias toys around house
this was so funny we had do this for a long time till she
fall asleep.

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